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Individual sessions

We offer private training sessions for everyone who would like to improve their game the most efficient way.

The sessions are planned and tailored based on your goals, abilities, age and physical-mental attributes.

Our coach, Ferenc's credo about his coaching style:

"I do not wish only to create better players but better people. I coach with full commitment and passion, so my player can really feel that we share his goal - it becomes OUR goal. The right blend of focus, intensity, humour and fun creates an excellent training environment where they can thrive. I believe that a detailed technical coaching is very important - you cannot build up a solid game on faulty fundamentals. On the other hand I never lose sight of the game's social aspect, it is important that the players enjoy what we are practising." 

The key elements of the sessions are:

  • Setting our goals (playing for fun or competitive training, what do we learn and practise that day etc.)

  • Technical learning (forehand-backhand drive, top-spin, push, smashing, lobbing, short play, flick etc.)

  • Proper footwork (stances, shuffling, moving sideways, moving in-depth etc.)

  • Service and how to receive serves, spin creation and reading

  • Playing strategy and tactics, mental game

  • Multi-ball training - hundreds of balls are fed to the player, the best overall coaching method

*Safeguarding policy: all under-18 players need to be accompanied by an adult supervisor for the duration of the session.

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