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Ferenc's Story

I started to play table tennis when I was 11 years old, in my hometown, Debrecen (Hungary). I fell in love with the sport immediately and began pursuing my goal to become one of the best players in the country. As a cadet and junior player, my national ranking list position peaked as top 10, while my best senior position was nr. 24.

During my playing career, I played in Hungarian, Spanish, Swedish and Norwegian leagues. My greatest achievement was to become two-times Norwegian team champion. 
My interest in coaching had been growing during my early twenties and became my top priority with time. I started with one-to-ones, later I joined the coaching staff of the Hungarian National Team of the Disabled. This role had a significant impact on my coaching career which lasted over almost two decades. I was able to learn from great clubs (like BVSC) and world-class coaches (Péter Aranyosi, Ferenc Karsai, Attila Halmai) which led me on a path that could help my coaching skills to evolve to an international standard.

I can thank a lot to my Spanish and Scandinavian clubs (Burgos TM, Volda/Ørsta BTK, Eskilstuna BTK and Trondheim BTK) where I could learn and grow even more as a coach, giving me invaluable experience and knowledge which follows me through the rest of my life.


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