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Paragon League - Individual Divison Series

We are happy to announce that a new tournament series will be organized in Cambridge for the local table tennis community in the 2022/23 season: the Paragon League!


Joining the league offers a wealth of competitive experience for all ages and playing levels. As the divisions are created by playing level and not by age (except for the youngest), this is a unique opportunity for everyone to play against same level opponents. No more group games, where the results are guaranteed - one way or another.






What are the dates of the tournament rounds?

The planned dates for every upcoming round are the second Sundays of each month, except in April:


  • March 12th

  • May 14 

  • June 11th (last round)

What time does it start and end?

The hall opens at 10 am for setting the tables up and warming up. We appreciate every help to rig the hall.

The tournament starts at 11 am - the latest time for registration at the organizer's desk is at 10.45 am.

The tournament ends no later than 4 pm - it is depending on the given number of players on the day. With fewer players, we are going to finish earlier.

Where does it take place?

We play at our regular evening venue in Cambridge - the Netherhall Sports Center's Atrium Hall. The Atrium Hall can be found on the premises, following a narrow footpath to the right after crossing the reception area.

What is the tournament format?

Each player will be delegated to a division of 6 to 8 players (depending on the number of the players in each round) regardless of their age, based on their playing level. Assigning players to divisions is done at the discretion of the tournament organizers. There will also be a designated division for players under 11 years old.


Everyone plays a match to best of five games against everyone in the same division. There will be umpiring (scoring) needed with counters from division members who are not playing in the same round. The umpiring order will be found on the division group sheet. The match order within divisions will be entirely random, it will be drawn the day before the tournament starts.


After each tournament day, lower division winners will be promoted and going to play one division higher, while the last will be playing one division lower next month. This will keep the divisions balanced and fair round after round. If you miss the next tournament day, your promoted slot will be offered to the next in line. You will not be demoted if you skip tournament round(s). If two players finish with equil number of wins, the result against each other will settle the final positions.


Any new players who sign up during the season will be put into the estimated same level division. Therefore it can be that some divisions will start with a different number of players.

The entry is open to the public community and not restricted to Paragon players only - although it is necessary to register yourself via this website to get your slot on Spond (read more about it below) if you are willing to participate.

Prizes: prize money for the division winners and table tennis equipment for runner-ups.

How can I sign up and how much is the entry fee?

Please RSVP to receive your invitation to our 'Paragon League' sub-group on Spond - this is our sports management app but can also be accessed via web browser ( Using Spond is necessary to register your attendance to each round. The group invitation will arrive via email - you can register by following the link.

The entry fee is 20 pounds which is needed to be paid up-front upon registration. In case you withdraw from the tournament at least 24 hours before the start, you'll be refunded.

Additional information

We are sorry but food and drink will not be served, so you need to come with a pack of supplies or order a pizza.

The facility's water fountains are not operational but there is a vending machine at the reception - try to arrive prepared with enough drink for the day.

There are changing rooms and showers available at the S&C wing of the Sports Center.

There is free parking right in front of the Sports Centre.

GEWO 3-star competition balls will be provided but you need to use your own bat.


The tournament could be recorded and photos will be taken. By registering, you are giving your consent that we can use them on the Paragon Table Tennis social media platforms.

Please use a proper sporting outfit (avoid using white clothing and outdoor shoes while you play)!

If you have any further questions, please contact our organizer at

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