1-to-1 booking updates

Now that the University of Cambridge Sports Centre allows table tennis again in a restricted form, the venue availability of 1-to-1 sessions are looking better again. It is still not how it was before the lockdown but I can now guarantee that there would be no interference with other activities on the time you book, so you no longer need to contact me before the booking.

Some changes have been made due to this change:

- Extended opening hours (please check it out in the booking calendar).

- You no longer need to book 5 or more days in advance, it is now set back to 6 hours,

so you may book an evening session even in the morning, same day.

- Please mind that the sessions can be arranged either at Kelsey Kerridge or the University Sports Centre, depending on the availability, so plan your session time accordingly.

- I'll confirm the location of the session in email each time.

- There is a new 'Intensity Training' session pass available: 8 hours of session/week (from Monday to Sunday, 4x2 hours of training) for 200 pounds. If you are interested in planning such a week, please contact me.

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