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Long awaited return on Monday 12th April

Finally the time has arrived to pack our table tennis bags once again! I hope most of you are keen to continue where we left off last year. The next phase of reopening is indeed great news but it doesn't yet mean we can continue all activities. Let me share you some information what will be happening over the next month.

Individual sessions

  • We are permitted to run 1-to-1 sessions at the University of Cambridge Sports Centre's Fives area for all age groups from next week. 1-to-2 sessions are not allowed yet and there won't be any private lessons at Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre.

  • The conditions are similar to past year's, except a few minor changes: the price hasn't changed, you could only book one week in advance in the booking calendar (it has a technical reason, that is how far I can book tables in the CamUni app), the cancellation deadline has changed to 24 hours and you may now book 'Intense Week' package by contacting me. The opening hours are extended, especially on the weekends.

  • The University Sports Centre's safety precautions are updated, please follow the link below and read about them, before you are planning to visit the sports centre.

  • As I'm not yet vaccinated, I'm going to do weekly Covid tests to ensure I don't endanger anyone. I'll post and update the latest test date and result.

Group sessions

  • I'm not planning to (re)start any after-school programs until I get vaccinated.

  • The Friday junior group sessions could likely continue, I am in talks with Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre - you will get an update about this soon.

  • The Friday adult group can only continue after the next phase of reopening is confirmed (17th May)

  • The Thursday Coleridge Community College group is unsure yet to continue this month. We are discussing the situation with the school and assessing the risks. You'll be updated about this group on Spond.

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