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NEW: The Paragon News Feed

After nearly five months of break from table tennis, we can now finally return to the tables and enjoy our beloved sport once again. The world has changed quite a lot around us, so it just seems natural that we keep fighting the uncertainties and adapt to the new circumstances.

On my behalf, I'd like to better things for you by providing detailed, up-to-date information here about all Paragon Table Tennis related topics. Please feel free to leave a comment or question at any post you like in the future. I believe that making the feed interactive in this way will perfectly help the goal of getting the information to its destination in the most efficient way possible.

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Reconnecting with the family after the lockdowns were refreshing but it is time to focus on table tennis again. As I had been disconnected from it for a while, I'll need some time to catch up on admin

Holiday break

All activities are now temporarily suspended in the next two weeks because I'm on a holiday leave. I'll post again when the sessions are to continue again. Have a good holiday, everyone!


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