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Adam Fuzes

Assistant Coach

I started table tennis when I was 9 years old in Hungary (Cegled).

I have played in Division 1 in Hungary (Jaszkun Volan Szolnok).

Level 2 Table Tennis Coach 2017

I have 3 years of coaching and 30+ years of playing experience.

Results Team

- Div 2 South Winner 2015-16 (Senior British League, Most win player of the League)

- Div 1 Winner 2016-17 (Senior British League)

- Championship Winner 2017-18 (Senior British League)


- 2x Britannia Tournament Champion 2022

- Horsham Spinners Senior Champion 2022

My coaching

If you like table tennis you are in the best place to improve and enjoy this game. If you put the energy and focus into this game you can get back much more than you expected.

Adam Fuzes
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